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I’m Back!

Japan won this year's International Festival of Lights Celebration in Vancouver. (©Julia Pelish Photography)

Japan won this year’s International Festival of Lights Celebration in Vancouver. (©Julia Pelish Photography)

The mysterious chokehold stifling my blog into a year-plus ‘404 error’ loop has finally been released. Poof! Just like that and I find I can publish my online rebirth announcement. All because of a random last chance “ok I will call tech help again” impulse that motivated me to make one last try. I had the good fortune to speak with Surbhi (lovely tech at Yahoo!) who somehow knew the right someone else and together they pushed the magic switch (aka permalinks radial dial button) that sprung the online life back into my long lost little blog. Impressive!!

Obviously this breaking news calls for fireworks. Vancouver hosts an annual international fireworks festival and Japan, USA and France were this summer’s competitors. The photo shown here was just one moment in Japan’s jaw dropping grand finale and it pretty much reflects how I feel.

It is great to be back home in blogsville again.


Vintage collage from images taken on Lynette and Arjuna's wedding day. ©Julia Pelish Photography

A Perfect Pair

Vintage photo collage created with images taken on Lynette and Arjuna's wedding day.

Vintage collage from images taken on Lynette and Arjuna's wedding day.
©Julia Pelish Photography

Lynette and Arjuna’s wedding was held mid-morning on Saturday, June 22, 2009 while a soft breeze drifted in off Deer Lake up to the wedding table. They said their vows upon the sloping green lawn of the Hart House restaurant in front of family and friends who traveled to Vancouver from as far away as Florida and Scotland to witness the marriage. Upon being pronounced husband and wife, bubble machines spilled forth a stream of dancing iridescent orbs that completely filled the air in celebration.

Lynette and Arjuna planned their unique wedding and handled all the details. They wanted their day to reflect their special bond: love for each other, scotch, swing dance, laughter and their ability to relax and enjoy life and each other. A feeling of true friendship, happiness and love permeated the heartfelt ceremony.

Lynette being a food scientist and Arjuna a former chef (now a carpenter) royally treated family and guests to a delectable luncheon, which reflected their culinary sophistication. Party favors of imported Scotch specially blended and labeled for the bride and groom at a distillery in Scotland were distributed to all at the end of the reception.

After enjoying the sumptuous feast, dancing and socializing, Lynette and Arjuna departed early into the afternoon sunshine for their honeymoon in Kelowna. I took one last look of the bowl of pears arranged with flowers sitting by the front door and left knowing these two, indeed, were a perfect pair.

Shane and Rachelle enjoying the sun and warmth in Stanley Park.

Picture Perfect Portraits

Shane and Rachelle enjoying the sun and warmth in Stanley Park.

Shane and Rachelle enjoying the sun and warmth in Stanley Park.

The stunning couple seen in this photo graciously posing as if they were seasoned models working the cameras are actually parents-to-be celebrating their life together and the life they prepare to welcome into the world. They hired me to do portraits that would capture all the love, excitement and happiness they feel at this most significant moment as they become a family of three. It is a time they wish to remember forever.

The day of our shoot was a gift of a Vancouver spring day: promising, warm and bright. We met in Stanley Park to do our photo shoot; it is a location that never disappoints in its majestic natural backdrop opportunities. We took our time and traveled about to few choice locations to enjoy the beautiful afternoon light.

Scenes from our photo shoot on English Bay.

Scenes from our photo shoot on English Bay.

After our portrait session they were on their way to the Juno Awards where front-row seats awaited.

We wish Rachelle and Shane and their new baby all the best in their days and years ahead. We know their baby will be well loved and blessed! As they say, the best gifts come in small packages. I can’t wait to see this one.


Stanley Park Portraits Capture Little Angelina in Full Joy

angelina-children-portriature-naturalJust about everything Angelina does is adorable but trying to capture that cuteness on camera is anything but simple. She exuberantly put her photographer through some rigorous paces in Stanley Park one morning a couple of months ago during our photo shoot. She was quick to discover that her little legs could effectively outrun and dodge the capabilities that any sophisticated photographer or camera auto-focusing system could accommodate or keep up with — much to everyone’s amusement!

Mom and Dad, after enjoying some hearty laughs, finally took pity on me and pulled out THE bubble bottle. Talk about instant magic! Dad quickly lifted the wand and launched a shimmering stream of silvery bubbles into the morning light. Angelina was captivated immediately and simply became transfixed. Luckily for me, I was ready and we were blessed to get this precious photo of childhood innocence — to the delight of her parents.

We continued our session with some sweet Mommy and me images. Mom was expecting her second daughter when these photos were taken. Despite being days away from giving birth, Mom Rosa is as radiant and as photogenic as ever. She and her husband have since welcomed their second lovely baby girl, Brianna, into the world. They have granted me a photo session in July and I look forward to sharing those images later this summer.

Finally I was able to capture Rosa, Herman and Angelina all together as they strolled through the warm spring sunshine. The gorgeous cherry blossoms have since blown away but we can look to these photos to remember the beauty of the special time and the happiness the simple things in life provides.