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The pedestrian street "Strøget" glimpsed from a cafe window in Copenhagen is the world largest and oldest. (©Julia Pelish Photography)


I live in the city, have for a long time. I find there are times when I speculate on when or will I move on; get fed up with the density and activity that is constantly beckoning for my attention. But then another year passes by and here I stay.

It is easy to forget yourself and your own troubles by being a city dweller. I escape from myself as I observe all the varieties of lifestyles just walking around me. You can easily put your life into perspective; there is often someone better or worse off than you on just about any block. It is an education in human nature. And after awhile even the noise and commotion find balance with the quiet places and time you surprise yourself discovering.

I love exploring a new city and find myself fascinated by the dynamics of urban life: watching people congregate, socialize and live and work crowded together yet somehow autonomous. Looking at these photos, I am able to recall the sights, sounds and smells of these vibrant places.

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Photo by Julia Pelish Photography

NY City

This summer I returned to New York City with my camera and walked and sweated my way through a sweltering heat wave of a week in mid-July. Apple heaven, rushed, funny, grungy, dirty, poetic, humid, brash, captivating: snapping one vignette after another of everyday life as it saunters by. These pics are a little souvenir of my 2012 summer vacation, a reminder of what I so miss. Enjoy the heat.

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Horse looking at me looking at them out on the Calgary Stampede Ranch. (©Julia Pelish Photography)

Big Sky Country – The Calgary Stampede Ranch

Earth Day 2012 has me reflecting on some of the scenic beauty contained in this planet we call home. Humans can be a tough bunch; warring, greedy and careless, yet there are also many vigilant,innovative minds and hearts actively engaged in balancing the mother ship.
Enjoying nature is a good way to reconnect with what is important and valuable to us all.

The beautiful sight of horses running free over the grassy hills on the Calgary Stampede Ranch. (©Julia Pelish Photography)

I went to Calgary about 3 weeks ago to gather photos for some articles that will be published in Calgary is hitting its stride lately — great music, down home artists with open studios, inventive cuisine, and stunning scenery. They are also getting revved up to celebrate the big birthday bash of the western world: 100 years of the Calgary Stampede.

Gathering the horses at the Calgary Stampede Ranch. (©Julia Pelish Photography)

While in Calgary, we visited the Stampede Ranch. It really is amazing to see those wide open skies and gentle rolling hills that sweep on forever. The prairies of Alberta, Canada are an awe inspiring sight and when you get to witness herds of horses running freely through the grasslands you will be mesmerized.

A circle of horses grazing on the Calgary Stampede Ranch. (©Julia Pelish Photography)

You can read more about the upcoming 2012 Calgary Stampede extravaganza at

Big sky country of the Alberta prairies. (©Julia Pelish Photography)

Enjoy the photos and our world.

Langdon Hall Country House Hotel, Cambridge, Ontario

Langdon Hall: Nearby but A World Apart

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This weekend I had a taste of the good life in the pampered indulgent style Langdon Hall lavishes on all its guests. My opportunity to visit this iconic property became a reality when I went along as the photographer/videographer with, an online travel publication, that was on site to gather material for upcoming articles and videos. Langdon Hall is more of a country estate than a hotel and has the only 5 diamond restaurant in Ontario which is run by Executive Chef Jonathan Gushue.

The food was unique, awesome and not too heavy. Jonathan and his creative staff really know how to put on a dinner show. The food is so savory and artfully presented. If you live in Southern Ontario, you really should spoil yourself to a special meal at this Cambridge landmark.

Langdon Hall was a private residence up to 1980 and in 1989 opened as a hotel. I must admit I felt a bit intimidated approaching the looming pillared mansion on the hill. Yet once inside, there is the feeling of graciousness and intimacy that welcomes a visitor and puts one right at ease.

And best of all, by staying overnight I did feel as if I had escaped on a mini-vacation even though I was merely an hour and half from downtown Toronto. will be doing an article in a few days with much more detail. Check there this week for Adrian Brijbassi’s in depth article on Chef Jonathan Gushue and Carol Perehudoff’s coverage of the spa.