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The pedestrian street "Strøget" glimpsed from a cafe window in Copenhagen is the world largest and oldest. (©Julia Pelish Photography)


I live in the city, have for a long time. I find there are times when I speculate on when or will I move on; get fed up with the density and activity that is constantly beckoning for my attention. But then another year passes by and here I stay.

It is easy to forget yourself and your own troubles by being a city dweller. I escape from myself as I observe all the varieties of lifestyles just walking around me. You can easily put your life into perspective; there is often someone better or worse off than you on just about any block. It is an education in human nature. And after awhile even the noise and commotion find balance with the quiet places and time you surprise yourself discovering.

I love exploring a new city and find myself fascinated by the dynamics of urban life: watching people congregate, socialize and live and work crowded together yet somehow autonomous. Looking at these photos, I am able to recall the sights, sounds and smells of these vibrant places.

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The Spanish Riding School where the Fété Imperial Ball in Vienna was held. ©Julia Pelish Photography

Fete Imperiale Ball in Vienna

Exactly one week ago tonight I was having the time of my life in Vienna at the Fête Impériale Ball. It was only two days prior to the event that we were offered the opportunity to attend. We did not hesitate to accept; instead we hopped on the internet, booked our flights and arrived in Vienna the next day. Yes it was a crazy turn around but everything fell into place. I rented a dress, had my hair done up and showed up ready to waltz right on time.

Hotel Sacher Wien. ©Julia Pelish Photography

Hotel Sacher Wien. Click photo to see slideshow. ©Julia Pelish Photography

It was my second visit in two months to the city and it wowed me just as much as the first time. Here are some photos from last weekend’s excellent Viennese adventure.

You can also read Adrian Brijbassi’s much more in-depth coverage of the Fête Impériale on his website.

Vienna is just a joy to visit. Hopefully my photos and Adrian’s words will encourage you to find a way to experience Vienna for yourself some day too. You will not be disappointed.

Outdoor cafes in Vienna's old city. ©Julia Pelish Photography

Vienna: Wonderful, Inspiring and Creative

I went to Vienna, Austria this past April. It is a city on fire with innovation while still honouring and preserving its history with pride. Creativity is bursting forth in so many disciplines – from its chefs, musicians, architects, visual artists, writers, designers and fashionistas.

A cobble stone street in Vienna's old city. ©Julia Pelish Photography

A cobblestone street in Vienna's old city. ©Julia Pelish Photography

The old and new aesthetic co-exit harmoniously. The city is lovely to walk through, the museums were amazing and the art collections breathtaking. Price wise too, especially for what it offers, Vienna is such a reasonable European travel destination.

Creativity seems to swirl in Vienna’s air. It was the home of famed painter Gustav Klimt (The Kiss) and his influence and work can be seen throughout Vienna. The entire city is gearing up to embark on a yearlong celebration to honor his 150th birthday. So if you are a Klimt fan this would be an ideal year to visit.

While there, we were privileged to have had an opportunity to interview Dr. Weidinger, a Curator at the Belvedere Palace Museum which owns the world’s largest collection of Klimt artwork. He described to us the significance behind Klimt’s most famous piece, “The Kiss” and what it represented to the artist as well. That article in now online in the Toronto Star Travel Section. It is written by Adrian Brijbassi with photos and a video provided by me. If you want some Vienna travel tips, check out this article too.

Vienna is filled with beautiful architecture. ©Julia Pelish Photography

Vienna is filled with beautiful architecture. ©Julia Pelish Photography

Vienna inspired me and I decided to rework some of my images to reflect how I felt. I often envision or wish a location or a portrait to become more than a document. Digital tools free photographers to take more chances. It is enticing to explore different ways of seeing, remembering and presenting what had originally started out as a standard photograph. I love both the literal and the interpretive and find myself drawn by both approaches.

Btw, my creative images are for sale in different sizes and mediums. If you are interested in anything you see, please send me an email and I will be happy to get back to you.